4 August 2022

The highest traffic growth is expected in August on Saturdays

Traffic growth by at least 10 percent is expected in August throughout the entire network of toll roads, which are under discretionary management of the State Company. In July, the intensity of car traffic is increased up to 40% compared to June values. According to expert calculations, it is expected that in August car drivers will pass through toll collection points (TCP) and free flow frames more than 30 mln times.

Based on statistical data of previous years, a peak will fall on Saturdays, August 13 and August 20. On the second and third Saturdays of August, there is a large flow of cars to Moscow, many people return from vacation and, at the same time, go to the South on holiday. Therefore, when going on vacation, it is worth leaving Moscow, for example, on Sunday or Monday.

Risk of road traffic accidents is increased with the traffic growth. "Russian Highways" State Company asks car users to be extremely careful and obey traffic regulations. Do not get behind the wheel, while you are tired or under the influence of alcohol.
In most cases, a road accident leads to deceleration of the traffic flow and sometimes to traffic jams. This is a waste of time not only for those who got into the accident, but also for everyone around.

The State Company rapidly develops the main highway to the South (the M-4 Don). Traffic on the Rostov-on-Don bypass road (construction site: the Aksay bypass road) and the Far Western Krasnodar bypass road will be opened as early as next year.